Poolandheeswarar Sivakami Amman Temple

Chinnamanur is a traditional village of Theni district. It has been named as Chinnamanur to honor Mr.Chinnamanaicker who has been worked as a guard of the Queen Ranimangammal. Initially it’s called as Chinnamanaickanur then after some year it turned as Chinnamanur. Chinnamanur is 22 km distance form Theni City & there are numerous traditional temples built in earlier king period. Chinnamanur Sivakamiamman Temple is one of them especially it is fame for its copper inscriptions. Still those Copper inscriptions are placed at England Museum. Madurai King Raja Simmeshwaran Who come to Chinnamanur he is a devotee of Lord Shiva. A milkman regularly goes in a way to palace to serve milk One day his vehicle was fell by a trap like a root on his way, all of the milk was poured on the root. This is what happened regularly for 3 days. So then he decided to cut the root & placed an axe over it. There he had seen a unnatural thing that root was bleeding, after that a luminous light presented from sky on the root. King Raja simmeshwaran come to know these thing he found that it was Lord Shiva’s ritual drama as usual. But by hitting the root Lord shiva is turns to Rudramoorthy. King Raja Simmeshwaran requested Lord Shiva to be Shanthi sthan. Lord Shiva become normal and placed there as Lingam as sme height of King Raja Simmeshwaran. King was happy to worship Lord Shiva so then he hugs the presented lingam tightly cause of his lovely hug the Lingam was melted so that king’s jewels are embossed on lingam. Still you can see those embossments. This temple is called as “Poolandeswarar Sivakami Amman Temple”. Lord shiva is called as Raja Simmeshwar, Paal Konda Nathar (Milky Man) & some other names are used to be. Amman Parvathidevi who placed here along with Lord Shiva called Mother Sivakami Amman. Please visit this traditional temple. To know about the pure love on devotee of Lord Shiva No need to go any other state just visit here also nearby you can visit Kalatheeswarar temple called Thenkalakasthi, Veerapandi Gowmariamman. Suruli Falls so many spritiual attractions also here. We welcomes you to Chinnamanur.