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  1. Lord Nataraja Temple

This ancient famous temple is fortified and centrally located in the town, covering an extent of approximately 43 acres.  There are three prakaras in which first Prakara is of the sanctum of the Lord Siva in dancing form and second prakara comprising of Nirthiya sabha, Devasabha, Sarasamoorthy sannathi and Balathandayuthapani sannadhi in the third prakara all other deities and sannathies are located.

  1. Thillai Kaliyamman Temple

This temple is located at the fringe of the town in remembrance of the dance competition of Lord siva and sakthi.  The Lord Siva won and Parvathi was asked to go out of the town.  Since Thillaikali is incornation of Parvathi,  the temple has been constructed by the king kopperum chingan.

  1. Anandeeswarar Temple

This temple is of Saint Thiruneelakandar who took holy bath with his wife in the temple tank and came out youthful by the blessing of Lord Siva.  There are two festivals celebrated annually called as kalambula Nayanar festival in the Tamil months of Karthigai and Thiruneelakanda Nayanar festival during the Tamil month of Thai.

Name Ward Block T.S.No
Lord Nataraja temple  

Ward No 3






Full Ts Nos

Thillaikaliamman Temple  

Ward 3

5 251 to 254
Anandeeswarar Temple Ward  1 11 574 to 576
Elamayakkinar Temple Ward 6 7








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