About City


Chidambaram is an ancient famous temple town of the Lord Nataraja (Siva) in Hindu, Region.  It is most important holy and pilgrimage center attracting tourists, coming from all over India and Abroad.  The town is named after the temple called “Chit Saba”.  Or Chidambaram (ie Music Hall or Hall of wisdom).  The temple Nataraja was built during the 6-8th centuries after which it was historically influenced and place of sanctity of divine Lord siva by devoting service of Chola, Pandya and Vijayanagara Kings during there regime.  The Shine of divine Sanctity was enlightened by the Saivate Saint Thiru Manickavasagar who visited this place and made miracles, fascinating public in the part of divinity.  This town is called “ Thillai as sung in Saiva Puranas.  Since the place was Thillai forest and in later stage it is called as Margali (December) is celebrated every year, fascinating devotes from all over India and abroad.