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About Municipality

Chengalpattu started off as a Panchayat and became a town with the inclusion of Periyanatham, Chinnanatham, Gundoor, Hanumanthaputheri and Melamaiyur villages it was functioning 1886. As per G.O.01.02.1972 Order no 169/01.04.1972 Second Grade Municipality and then after 12 years another G.O. Order No599/17.04.84 First Grade Municipality.

The hot and dry climate prevailing in this region has been one of the various factors.

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Sl.No Complaints Who is Incharge Contact Number
1 Water Supply Municipal Engineer 7397372825
2 Sweeping and Drainage Municipal Health Officer 8072152101

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Commissioner Address

Municipal Commissioner
Chengalpattu Municipal office


Phone Office :044-27424251 (7397372826)








“விழித்திருங்கள் – தனித்திருங்கள் –       வீட்டிலேயே இருங்கள்”



The new website has been created by incorporating All municipalities and Corporations across Tamilnadu, except Chennai by providing facilities pay tax for asset, drinking water, housing, sewerage and lease categories, and providing birth certificates on-line.

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District : Chengalpattu
Region : Chengalpattu
Area : 6.09 Sq.Kms
Male : 30982
Female : 31597
Total : 62579

“விழித்திருங்கள் – தனித்திருங்கள் –       வீட்டிலேயே இருங்கள்”


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Control Room Help Line:044-29864442


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