Revenue Section

It is an another wing of the Municipality, headed by the One Assistant Revenue Officer and  two Revenue Inspectors and they are supported  by 8 Revenue Assistants with the tax collection of taxes and non tax and they are held responsible for  the entire collection of  Revenue.

1 Assistant Revenue Officer M. Jalaludeen
2 Revenue Inspector A. Rajkapoor
3 Revenue Inspector M. Kaja Najmudeen
4 Special Revenue Inspector C.Muthaiyan
5 Revenue Assistant V. Kanagaraj
6 Revenue Assistant S. Vanarajan
7 Revenue Assistant K.Palaniandavar
8 Revenue Assistant S.Premkumar
9 Revenue Assistant S. Devi
10 Revenue Assistant N. Ramachandran
11 Revenue Assistant D. Kamatchi Gowsi      
12 Office Assistant Vacant
13 Bus-stand Watchman Vacant