Urban Tree Information System (UTIS)

Urban Tree – An integrated e-Solution for ULB’s


To make all Urban Local Body Services accessible to the common man from anywhere , anytime through various service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency , accuracy , transparency speedy & reliability of such services, at affordable costs to the basic needs of the common man in the State of Tamilnadu.

Phase I Modules

  • Birth and Death Registration
  • Property Tax
  • Water Supply
  • Profession Tax
  • Non Tax Items
  • Under Ground Drainage
  • Trade License
  • Financial Accounting
  • Citizen facilitation Center
  • Citizen Portal
  • Grievance Redressal
  • System Administrator

Phase II Modules

  • Agenda
  • Assembly Questions and Answers
  • Integrated Personnel Management System
  •  Legal
  • Asset Booking Asset Management
  • Audit
  • Building Plan
  • Employee Self Service
  • E-office
  • Hospital Management
  • Procurement
  • School Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Vehicle management
  • Ward Works

Application Features

  • Single login
  • Unique User ID
  • Role based solution
  • Workflow based
  • Biometric login
  • Dashboard
  • Citizen Portal
  • Bi-lingual
  • Audit Trail enabled
  • Integrated with single window system
  • High Availability (24×7)
  • SMS and email enabled
  • Multiple Delivery Channels
  • Integrated with Payment Gateway
  • Integrated with Common Service Centre
  • Access Security through UID,PWD, Biometric enabled Service Oriented Architecture

Benefits to Citizen 

  • A transparent system with visible accountability from the Department  Convenience in interaction with the Department
  • To get timely services and accurate information about his queries relation to services provided and participation in matters relating to them.
  • To get timely services and accurate information about his queries relation to services provided and participation in matters relating to them.
  • Minimum turnaround time in receiving a service
  • Availability of a virtual interface (anywhere, anytime interface like internet) with the department than a physical interface
  • Efficient mechanism for Grievances redressal and filing appeals
  • Speedy disposal of appeals
  • Elimination of discretionary human interface in the decision making processes while dealing with the public.

Benefits to employees – G2G 

  • Greater transparency and accountability in the system to bring credibility to the intra-departmental processes Simplification of Administration of the department
  • Simplification of Administration of the department
  • Strengthen the head count in the service delivery front to avoid backlog and    delivery   of services in front line offices
  • Capacity Building of the Key Resource Persons through extensive training on Technical lines and strengthening the institutional capacity building framework
  •  Performance incentives for motivation of the Project Team and the Operational Team
  • In-house training facility

Business to Business Groups / Private Partners – G2B

  • Minimum physical interface with the department. Online mechanisms to make the procedures convenient and hassle free.
  • Provision of correct, updated reliable information on the performance of municipal
  • Simplified and convenient procedures for quality service delivery mechanism and payment arrangement  Convenient ways of grievances redressal
  • Speedy adjudication of disputes and disposal of cases.

Benefits to the Elected Representatives – G2E

  • Right information on the activities of local bodies, helps in better participation in the administration
  • Management Information System helps as a tool for better decision
  • Transparency in the administration

Benefits to Government – G2G 

  • Efficient administration of internal offices procedures and department functions.
  • Efficient administration and enforcement of acts, rules and procedures
  • Delivery anywhere anytime services to the citizens
  • Make more services available online to the citizens and business groups
  • Easy and convenient mechanism for document archival, storage and retrieval
  • System assisted decision making through MIS
  • Provisions for simplifications in the processes and function of the department for stakeholder benefits and administrative convenience
  • Enhancement in the local bodies revenue through better collection
  • Monitoring of defaulters and increasing tax net
  • Dashboard