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Heavy Vehicle Factory

The Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) is located at Avadi in Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

HVF was set up in 1961 by the Ordnance Factory Board, Government of India to manufacture heavy battlefield equipment, including Vijayantas, Kartik BLT, M-46 Catapult and T-72 Ajeya tanks.

Currently, HVF manufactures India’s Arjun MBT, Arjun BLT, Arjun Catapult, Bridge Layer Tanks, Akash Missile Launchers, Bhim self-propelled howitzers and the T-90 Bhishmas. The Engine Factory of HVF functions separately from HVF.


OCF-AVADI is a Government Organisation under Ministry of Defence. The organisation is under Ordnance Equipment Group of Factories and the HQrs. is situated at Kanpur (U.P.).

OCFAV was established on 10.11.1961 covering an Area of 70 Hectare (i.e.) Factory – 26 Hect. and Estate – 44 Hect. It is about 23 Kms from Chennai City.

OCF Avadi has implemented and maintain the Integrated Management System for ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards and obtained the certification for Environmental Management System and Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

It is proud that OCFAV is the first among the OEF Group of Factory’s to own design registration for Cloth PC Disruptive with Army Logo for jungle pattern and desert pattern under Design Act 2001.

Murugappa Polytechnic college

Murugappa Polytechnic College was started in August 1957 as a Government Aided Polytechnic by A.M.M. Foundation (Previously known as A.M.M. Charities Trust), A.M.M. Charities Trust was established by the illustrious sons of the Late Dewan Bahadur A.M. Murugappa Chettiar and endowed it with substantial personal contributions in addition to perennial flow of funds from their business enterprises namely MURUGAPPA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, the group has 28 companies, 32,000 people with our 100 years history.

Created to give expression to the noble ideas of the Dewan Bahadur, the Trust has been making positive contributions to the welfare of the communities around the Industrial Establishments in Avadi, by providing modern educational and medical facilities.

The A.M.M. Foundation had also set up the Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital in 1966 on the Avadi.