Water Supply

Source Thiruppuvanam Vaigai Design Qty. 36.00 LL
Thamirabarani Valanadu Design Qty. 49.50
No. of OHT 7 Nos.
Length of Distribution Lin 105 KM
No. of Water Suppy Vehicle 2 Nos.
No. Hand Pump 735 Nos.
No. of Mini Power Pump 503 Nos. 1 No
No of Public Fountain 105 Nos. 3 Nos
Total No. of House Service Connections
Domestic 14932 Nos.
Non Domestic 261 Nos.
Goverment  Office 44 Nos.
Total 15237 Nos.
House Service Deposit Domestic Rs.7000/-
Non Domestic Rs.12000/-
Tariff Domestic Rs.65/- Month
Non Domestic Rs.245/- Month
Industrial Rs.485/- Month