Storm Water Drains



The existing drainage condition of Aruppukottai consists of  man – made drainage system (storm water open drains).

Municipal Storm Water Drainage System

Aruppukottai  town  provides pucca water drainage facility in the major portion of the town. The existing storm water drains mainly carry the wastewater disposal and in many places the storm water drains are functioning as wastewater drains, which create environmental problems and need regular maintenance by the ULB, is show in Table.

Drain Type Length (KM) Percentage Coverage (%)
Open pucca/surfaced 130.200 97%
Total drains (Km) 130.200  
No drainage facilities    
Total road length (Km) 69.766  

The information provided in the above Table indicates that nearly 97% of the roads are provided with storm water drainage facilities and the rest of 3.00% roads are not provided with drains, which are drained through available natural terrain condition

The total length of roads  maintained by this Municipality is 69.766 KM, and the total length of Storm Water Drain maintained  is  80 Km. Most of the Main Roads and Streets have been provided with the Storm water drains.  Nearly 15 Km length of storm water drainage remains to be covered.