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 The people who lived in the Arcot region, especially in and near the temple town of Tiruvannamalai, belonged to a clan called the Arcots. The Nawabs fought with and ruled over them for a long period. With the establishment of the Danish Missionary Society, many of these Arcots converted Christians. The Danish Missionary Society (DMS, currently Dan Mission) established many schools and hospitals. The first missionary of the DMS was the German Rev. C.C.E. Ochs. He started his first mission station, Bethanien, at Melpattambakkam in South Arcot in 1861. Now all its activities have been transferred to the nearby town of Nellikuppam.

The second mission station of DMS was opened at Tirukkoyilur in 1869 by Rev. P. Andersen and was called “Siloam”. Siloam church was consecrated on 10 October 1886 and on the same day the first Indian pastors were ordained and more than 30 persons were baptized. A week later a church was consecrated in an outstation, Sengalmedu. The beautiful church in Pop ham’s Broadway in Madras was built in 1892.

Saron, a third mission station of DMS, was opened in 1882 and situated just outside the town Tiruvannamalai. In 1898 a mission station was built in the town. From 1905 it was called “Carmel.” The fourth mission station in the Arcot District, “Bethesda,” in Kallakurichi was built in 1893 by Rev. A. Larsen. Later DMS started mission stations at Panruti, Vriddhachalam, Devanampatnam, Darisanapuram, and Servaroj Hills, etc. In 1913 a church constitution was inaugurated. This church is serving the Tamil-speaking population in the districts of South and North Arcot, Tamil Nadu. Mayana Kollai is celebrated here. People paint themselves and appear as gods having goat flesh in their mouths and drumsticks in their hands. They walk over the bazaar street towards the burial ground.

Eassayanoor Valavanoor. Ramzan and Bakrid festivals celebrate in grand manner.

Currently traditional and farmers’ festival is Pongal, Tamil New Year And Diwali.

Delhi Gate, Arcot

At a distance 26 km from Vellore, Arcot is a town and suburb of Vellore city, located on the southern banks of Palar River. Arcot is a historical town which was the headquarters of Nawab of Carnatic, who ruled the region in 18th century AD. It was earlier known as Thiruvazhundur during the Chola period. Delhi Gate and Arcot Fort are important attractions in the town.

In 1751 Robert Clive captured this fort and renamed one of the gates of Arcot Fort as Delhi Gate, as this victory was the beginning of his capture of Delhi. The entrance of the gate was constructed in the style of a Mughal arch. Over the gate is Robert Clive’s room.

The city of Arcot celebrates Mayana Kollai in a big way which is a function celebrated for Angalamman (the village deity). This major function is celebrated in the Tamil month of Maasi (Amavasya) in February and March every year.

Rathinagiri Balamurugan Temple

At a distance of 400 m from Ratnagiri Bus Stop and 17 km from Vellore Town Railway Station, Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple is an ancient temple located on top of a hillock in Ratnagiri on Vellore – Chennai National Highway. It is one of the important temples around Vellore.The Ratnagiri Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan.