Places of Interest

Temples & Other Interesting Places

1. Sri Agastheeswarar Temple:

The Temple is believed to be 1000-2000 years old.  The temple is known as Sri Agastheeswarar Temple. The Temple is designed under the Kanika and Karana rules.  The story that sage Agasthya had to come south to balance the level of Earth when North went too low due to the huge crowd of sages gathered at Mount Kailash to attend the Shiva-Parvathi Wedding. During his stay in south, Sage Agasthiya visited many holy places for Shiva Worship. He performed Abisheks and Pujas to Lord Shiva in this place. Hence the Lord is praised as Agastheeswarar.

Temple for Saptha Kannikas are around this temple. Also Adanjiamman and Alavattamman temples are affiliated with this temple.

2. Sri Ranganathar and Neervanna Perumal Temple, Thiruneermalai:

Thiruneermalai is just 2 kms from Anakaputhur. This is a hill Temple.  There are two temples one at the top of the hill and other at the foot of the hill. Lord appears in four forms representing three incarnations of Lord Vishnu.  The Temple has a beautiful Teppakulam (Tank) covering three acres with a mandapam at the center. This is praised as Suddha Pushkarani, Ksheera Pushkarani, Karunya Pushkarani and Swarna Pushkarani. Pujas are performed according to Vaikanasa Agama rules.

3. Sri Subramaniyaswamy Temple, Kundrathur:

The famous temple named Sri Subramaniyaswamy Temple is situated at Kundrathur at a distance of 5 kms west of this town.